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K+ Hotpot
21699 E Quincy Ave A,B
AuroraCO 80015
 (303) 690-4066
Saturday, October 26th
11am-10pm(303) 690-4066
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Hot pot restaurant Aurora, CO

Welcome to K+ Hotpot! We offer you a unique and delicious fusion of traditional Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese favorite options, along with our signature hotpot dishes. When you walk in and sit down, you will enjoy getting to cook your meal in your table's hotpot. We will give you several signature ingredients to choose from, and you can go to town creating the meal you want. We invite you to try our menu and have your first hotpot culinary experience. Call us if you have questions.

Your New Favorite Culinary Experience

Our culinary experience is not like others in town. Even in a sea of Chinese and Thai restaurants, we stand out because we sit you down in front of a conveyor belt which delivers you exotic ingredients to cook in your hotpot. No need to wait for a chef to cook for you; you cook your food yourself and enjoy it instantly when ready. Simply pick your favorite ingredients from the conveyor belt near your table, and become your own private chef! For those who do not feel like cooking, we have a full Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese menu from which you can order.

What We Offer

  • Hotpot Cooking
  • Asian Comfort Food
  • Thai Dishes
  • Vietnamese Favorites
  • Chinese Cuisine 

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To enjoy a delicious meal, please visit 21699 E Quincy Ave in Aurora, CO. If you have questions, you may call (303) 690-4066.

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Business Hours:

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